DB-150 (CAS) SET для DB

DB-150 (CAS) SET для DB

7/24/97 CAS (USA) Corporation  99 Murray Hill Parkway  East Rutherford, NJ 07073 D-Series



(For scales with Serial Numbers that start with 9.)


  1. Make sure scale is UNPLUGED. Remove the platter and find the CALIBRATION PORT located on the left side of the top cover.
  2. At the bottom of the CALIBRATION PORT there is a red MICRO SWITCH. Slide the MICRO SWITCH to the rear of the scale. Put the platter back on the scale.
  3. Plug scale in. The WEIGHT display should flash “CAL” three times and then go blank.
  4. Press the ON key. The display should read “ULOAd”.
  5. Press the ON key.
  6. Once the displays read “LoAd” put the FULL CAPACITY OF WEIGHT on the platter and then press the ON key. (See chart for full capacity weight below.). Use kilo weights if your scale is setup in kilos. OR Use pound weights if your scale is setup in pounds.




6 lb (3 kg)


15 lb (6 kg)


30 lb (15 kg)


  1. Once the scale displays go blank, remove all weights from the platter and then press the OFF key.
  2. The scale will go to ZERO and unplug the scale, remove the platter, slide the MICRO SWITCH to the front of the scale, and replace the platter.
  3. Plug the scale back in, if need be press the ON key, and the scale will go to ZERO.
  4. Test the accuracy of the scale. If scale is NOT 100% accurate, unplug scale and repeat steps 1 to 11. If scale IS 100% accurate: unplug scale and you are done.